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  • 116 Shady Oaks TRL
    Liberty Hill, TX
    3 beds | 2 baths
  • 31120 Polo BND
    Georgetown, TX
    4 beds | 3 baths

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Investing in Cash Flow properties
Experience is everything in dealing with rental property for investment. Feel secure in the fact that I own rental property and am active in buying rental property for investment.
You do not need major cash to do this. The best thing you will have going for you to be successful in this type of investment is good credit (not perfect, but good).
There are 2 circumstances to take into consideration when speaking of rental property; see which best applies to you.
•             I have money I would like to invest in real estate. This money can sit there for long-term and accrue its appreciation for me to collect down the road.
The first step in this instance is to have a one-on-one meeting to discuss your long-term goals in building your real estate portfolio.I deal with everything from distressed foreclosures to high-end new builds, so we need to determine how your money will be best invested.
The key here is CASHFLOW.
Earn monthly income while you profit from long-term appreciation.
•             I have some cash but I cannot have my money tied up in a property for any real length of time.
The first 'must' is that the property we will look for will be under market value, either a distressed property or a bank foreclosure that can be fixed up and refinanced under long-term financing.
With this creative financing, you can usually get all your initial invested money back in your pocket, allowing you to get another property under way while you are earning monthly CASHFLOW.
I can provide my real estate services for anything from government subsidized section eight to high-end, single family residences.
The lenders that I work with specialize in working with investors, so they know the process well, and have reasonable fees. We've mastered the art of using OPM (Other Peoples' Money) (from private funding and conventional lending) to make sure you can buy the property you want, and get the long-term financing you need.  If you would like more information contact me!